Mary Engelbreit

A few words from Mary Engelbreit

Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a new Christmas story that won’t fade away after one season?? Sarah Linquist has done it with her enchanting book “Onward Is Best: A Christmas Journey”. It’s the tale of a little red-headed doll who is afraid to leave everything she knows and loves at Santa’s workshop at the North Pole , only to find herself on a journey where she discovers her own inventiveness, bravery and a wonderful ability to make friends and try new things. It’s a marvelous story, made even more amazing by Sarah’s “illustrations”— huge 3-D sets made of vintage and found items, and populated by all kinds of creatures, including one country full of Teddy Bears! Every child will relate to Sarah’s meticulous invention of her own imagined world, and the inspiring message that you can get through anything with just a little help from your friends!

I really loved the book— it’s a great story and the illustrations are amazing!

- Mary Engelbreit